Marketing Objectives, Strategies, and Tactics

Individuals involved§

The business is a registered partnership with each ember having his specific duties. The two partners are Mr. Paul Flax (My father) and Mr. Barry Weinstock an active partner. They are both involved in the day to day running of the business and thus are entitled to equal sharing of profits and executing decision making power

Media mix§

The company has plans to use the integrated marketing communication (IMC); the media mix will involve a combination of various advertising channels that the company believes will be invaluable min meeting the company’s promotional objectives outlined in the marketing plan. The company’s marketing campaign budget will be divided amongst the marketing channels based on their effectiveness. To reach a wide number of audience (maximize) coverage, the budget will be divided amongst the following marketing channels in the provided portions

TV= $8,000

Radio =$14,000

Print ads=$20,000

Internet/ web= $40,000

The company allocates a larger portion of its budget to social media because to its effectiveness in engaging customers, real time analysis and converge. It is also important to note that it is easy to measure the social media ROI than the other remarketing channels. The other advantages of internet marketing is because of the data streams involved that can be collected and analyzed to develop and deliver targeted advertisement to the audience in real time. The company to target unique visitors to the website through the banner click, and views on its contents and convert the visitors into customers. There are a number of metrics that managers can leverage in internet marketing. These metrics can be used to measure the ROI or effectiveness of their marketing efforts


Media Advertising




target audience size


one month




one month



Print ads

one month



internet/ web

one month



Cost descriptions for at least two (2) media outlets§




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