LinkedIn sell services through its online community

What products or services is the organization attempting to market via its online community?

LinkedIn is one of the leading social networking sites that sell services through its online community. Even through LinkedIn is a social networking services, it is mainly business oriented for professional. The website was launched in 2003 for networking purposes; it has currently developed into an online serve marketing community that sells subscription and advertisement to its community members. For example, the largest proportion of the company’s income come from recruitment solution to the headhunting companies and corporation as they pay for an enhanced branding, searches and talent acquisition offering placed on LinkedIn. Secondly, the company makes money from advertisements. There are many companies that advertise position and products in the website making it easy for the company to monetize on its members. Finally, the company also sells subscription services, the premium subscription services earn the company over 3% of its income (Black, 2015)

How does the organization engage consumers?

The company engages customers through a number of strategies. For example, with over 225milion members, Thud Company engaged its users through its pages, contents, forums, and discussions. The members can share, like or comment on various topics. The company changes topics, discussion to engage members by commenting, liking other comments. Additionally, the members are often prompted to share the members or prospects contents through the corporate blogs, service updates. It is important to note that most companies engage by ensuring that the targeted messages are tailored to the members (Black, 2015). The company can either share its messages or status updates with all the members or even too few targeted customers. The company also provides multi-channel approach and has a “follow” button on the website for potential and existing members to connect with each other. This increases membership and engagement as the public can join the company with single clicks (Miller, 2013)

Do you feel that the organization is successful in generating consumer interest for its products and services? Why or why not

Based on the faster growth in revenue and membership, the company has been very successful in generating consumer interest for unit’s services. Getting over 250 million members in ten years is an indication of success. Secondly, having an IPO in less than five years since inception indicates the public confidence in the company, both the job seekers and recruiters brave come to accept LinkedIn as the most effective way to get hired and reach a larger potential recruits in one place

Does the organization rely on professionally created content, user-generated content, or a combination of both?

The company relies on both user generated and professionally created content. For example, the members can start discussion on their groups. Additionally, the company initiates discussion based on the trending topics and invite people to contribute, comment, question, and or discuss (Miller, 2013)

If users are generating content, how is it being utilized? To market a product? For product development?

The user generated content is useful to the company in marketing its services, for example, based on the key words, the company can deliver targeted ads to the members. The behaviors objectives are set and measured by the community member’s comments. The audience insight and research also defines that the ads being displayed on the member’s walls


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