Herzog In ‘Cave Of Forgotten Dreams’

Background information on the cave of forgotten dream

Scientists succeed to discover a cave in the Southern France In 1994, which had existed for over 20,000 years. The paintings on the wall of the cave revealed that it was the art of the early man. The French government made the cave out of bounce since it was one, which knew the importance of cultural significance. Only a few archaeologists and paleontologists were able to access it because their further research and the subsequent findings would of great benefit to the government. Through the film by Werner Herzog, we can access the cave and explore the beautiful artwork that the ancient man created. Researches approximate the art to have existed for over32, 000 years up to then.

A thinker’s quote

Several Thinkers Have Emerged To Contribute Their Thoughts Towards The ‘Cave Of Forgotten Dreams,’ Each Of Which Used A Quote To Make Their Contributions Clear. In This Context, I Am Going To Major On The Work Of Roger Ebert Who Was One Of The Thinkers And At Least Used Some Quotes. Ebert Says, “Humans Passed This Way Long Ago” Which He Rather Uses As The Title Of His Work. The Quote Is Worth Since, From The Word Go, It Outlines The Cave To Be In Existence In The Ancient Times And It Is The Human Beings Who Painted The Old Cave That Currently Exist. This Is True Because The Discovery And The Subsequent Researches Reveal That The Paintings Had Taken Many Years.

The work by Ebert and specifically the quote enables us to understand more about the cave of the forgotten dream. We human beings are victims of the bondage of the present situations the reason for which we need what may rescue us. We may base our minds in abstractions and imaginations of the true reality, which is actually able to rescue us from the given bondage. In this ancient cave, there are a number of signs, which scientists consider the earliest. These signs contributed to our ability to create our history and an appropriate conception of it. The work by Ebert shows how the cave enriches how possible it is for Werner Herzog and the other concerned to have the proper conception of it.

About The Cave According To Ebert

It is most likely that men were likely to be creating some forms of these artistic painting somewhere else before the actual discovery of this cave. The lines and shapes, which these early men used in their art, were rather confidential making it very difficult to imagine and believe how they came into existence in the absence of a prelude. Ebert makes an interrogative statement, which tries to suggest the existence of something innate in the forms of the presentation of the arts of the cave walls. Scientists, narrowed down to archaeologists, carried out a carbon dating activity, which revealed that the artistic work on the cave took place twice before its discovery. The second group of the Artists came back 2,000 years later after the first group and made it a successful one. This was possible since they made it compatible with continuing with the same styles they found existing on the walls rather than coming up with their own styles.

We are able to create a thought of abstracts for whose earliest evidence we have, being the Cave paintings, which emerges to be what is making us human. There are other important disciplines like mathematics, commerce, or political organization operating beyond the level of the tribal basis. In spite of the importance of these disciplines, they came after the beginning of the use of this art. The trio, however, works towards providing evidence of thought based on spiritual being. The skull of a cave bear rests on a pillar raised highly in the Chauvet, which is a species that do not exist by now, in other words it is extinct. Its placement is likely to be by design and not accidental due to the systematic arrangement by the cave painters. The cave designers arranged the cave arts in a way that reveal the special veneration or the attention that it deserved to make it to what is for now. The early humans who did this kind of work existed in the same place with the Neanderthal Men; this was in a river valley. The Neanderthal man, however, did not leave such evidence making us able to win that struggle towards evolution by creating abstract thoughts. Despite this strange co-existence and the subsequent abstractions, we may conclude a note that there is a possibility that interbreeding took place. This finding relies on the DNA that scientists carried out, revealing that, at some point, the two species interbred.

There are a number of artistic works whose main content just address the information about the cave of forgotten dreams. There is this philosophy, which brings out its issues related to the cave paintings, and to the movie about paintings by Herzog. This is that of the Hegel known as the Lectures on Aesthetics, which contain the actual analysis of symbols of the art as in the walls of the cave, which the cave painting exemplifies. According to Hegel, is important to the human beings since it represents the moments in history when the animal kingdom ceased and gave way to the emergence of the humanity. This shows how it worked for the human race to come into being hence a truly human. This is the point at which there is struggle to develop the human kind to emerge being in terms with our natural world.

Humanity identifies itself in a number of issues, which include the natural being chain, several attempts to come up with its conception and other naturally occurring beings that the artworks present. Hegel commentator Michael Inwood quotes; ‘”. This greatly simplifies this issue due to its clarification of the notion. Michael Suppose, for example, that [an early human] carves a piece of wood into the shape of a bison Inwood plays safe by being able to distance himself from the given desire. The desire is actually serious for which reason it makes him capable of showing no interest in the world contemplation. The artist plays his role strictly in which he ensures not to show concern about the bison whether in general or a universal manner. This constitutes the idea of the concept of the bison.

My sole challenge to the philosopher lies in his failure to show keen interest in the world contemplation. Rather than operating in a way that he distances himself from the issue, he would have acted beyond what we expect of him as an artist to come up with clear information. His artistic work is generally applicable for the sake of learning more about the cave of forgotten dream.


The discovery of the cave of forgotten dreams has emerged among the top discoveries, which has engaged scientists from all over the world. Several philosophers have quoted in their respective philosophies as a way of contributing in one way or another about the cave in the southern France. The information we gather from the cave is also important in understanding our origin as human beings.

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