Finding Vivian Maier

The story, “Finding Vivian Maier,” is a story of photographer a nanny in Chicago. Being a leisure artist, her photographs did not mean much or attract any attention till the years later when negative of the pictures she took were stumbled upon and printed by john Maloof. In trying to find Vivian Maier, Maloof documented his times and trials looking for the dead nanny cum street photographer. While mist information were collected through interview in the larger Chicago area. While she was nominated posthumously, it is her life, death and her motivation to take the pictures that aroused concern. It emerges the Vivian Maier was a very private person. An eccentric, photographer and a nanny to the wealthy families around Chicago. Through she never married; Vivian has few friend and family members with whom she shared her life. Ion public, she was an opinionated politician. It is her insecurities that created a monster sin her as the interview unearth the dark side of her paranoia.

The story presents a compelling theme of individuality in the life of the average American citizen especially those living in Chicago and its environs.For example, She states, ““We have to make room for other people. It’s a wheel. You get on. You go to the end. And someone else has the same opportunity to go to the end. And so on. And somebody else takes their place.” The uniqueness and peculiarity of Vivian Maier exposes the incongruence in life as the quiet and humble nanny turned into a cruel and violent person as she got into old age, while she was reduced to dumpster living and begging from well-wishers in the streets that she had photographed every day. One can only marvel at her views about everything public from her pictures. Her choice of scenes and objects notwithstanding, the humor and grit is very riveting. The movie seems to emphasize the need to consider and judge and individual objectively and not subjectively since everyone has a story. One realizes that living in the street is not by choke but through circumstances beyond people’s control.

Who actually was Vivian Maier? From the movie documentary, it is clear that Vivian Meyer was not just a street photographer, but a genius. From the angles, perspective, scene section, motif and object analysis. One can easily understand Vivian’s perspective about everything in the then Chicago. The pictures were taken over a long time period and have clearly shown changes in her choice of scenes. One can easily tell the changing perspectives on objects and subjects as she got older.

Any readier can easily predicts and understand Vivian’s views about everything in the mediate environment. From the interviews, ne can understand that vivid was fighting a major battle, a deep-seated monster that was slowly killing her. Her life and picture tell the story of the average New Yorker, and choc ago people where she served as a nanny. He street life pictures and self portraits taken from the shop windows reflection present a compelling life of the rich, the poor, children, teenagers and adult in Chicago, Yemen, New York, and other exotic places. Her solitude was as a result of her insecurity and her motivations to take pictures may have been his insecurities too. Therefore, before, one judges, it is important to understand everyone’s insecurity.

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