Enemies Of The People

1.) Summarize what happened in the documentary.
In the documentary, “enemies of the people”, Thet Sambath and Rob Lemkin interviews the key perpetrators of the 1970’s slaughtering of two million Cambodians. Khmer Rouge (a group of rebel members of the communists’ party of Kampuchea. Having been a victim of the inhuman slaughter of many people (genocide), and having lost his parents and other relatives during the genocide, Thet Sambath set out one three years familiarization survey of the 1970’s genocide, interviewing the leaders of the Khmer Rouge Mr. Pol pot, his deputy Nuon Chea, also known as the “brother number two” and the foot soldiers made up of men, women, children included. During the film, perpetrators and the victims met Reconciled and forgiveness.

2.) Identify what you consider to be the main argument or lesson the filmmakers were trying to make with this documentary (whether or not you agree with it).

The goals of the film makers was to get a better perspective of the Cambodian 1970 genocide and. While this was not a documentary developed to punish or condemn the perpetrators, the researcher managed to gain reassurance and remorse from the perpetrators leading the imprisonment of them and forgiveness of the others. This film has a reconciliatory effect on both the victims and the perpetrators. By interviewing and recording the testimony, Thet Sambath, believd that he could unearth the truth behind the killings of the genocide. This may have not been the right course of action caused by the inhuman killings of over 2 million people because having been a victim of rhea killings directly and indirectly, his objective should have been to gather evidence to put those perpetrators behind bars. Money is likely7 to question the morality of his actions. Reconciliation is such a soft approach to contentious issues in the modern society. For example, when Nuon Chea, Khoum and Soon and Pol pot were w arrested, they were not put into prison. The whole of democratic Kampuchea was affected by the genocide; therefore, all the perpetrators irrespective of their ranks should be put in prison.

3.) Discuss a contemporary example of dehumanization occurring in the world today. Make sure to describe what is occurring, why it is a form of dehumanization, and why you think this dehumanization is being carried out

In the world today, terrorist is one of the main dehumanizing practices today, the number of people killed by terrorist increases every day. For example, in Kenya Africa where 147 university students were killed in cold blood becasue3 they could not recite the holy Quran I s inhuman. The massacre just demonstrated how inhuman the sectarian theorists can be. This dehumanization is being carried out not to purge the insolence but to realize some hidden political, and or economic goals. For example, the militants are interest in controlling their Somalia trade routes and with key a interfering, they bear the burst the terrorists controlling action. The terrorist swore to hit hard till the Kenyan troops are withdrawn from Somalia. Therefore, while the terrorisms are involving the holy Quran, their goals are near from religion.


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