Cultural shift in India


Despite the cultural shift in India as a result of white color outsourcing, India has emerged as one of the fastest growing economies because the country’s resources were not enough to grant each and every Indian job. With the increasing unemployment, and poverty levels, India could have been the poorest country had it not been for the white color outsourcing. Therefore, white opinionated people are quick to point out the drawbacks of the white color outsourcing, they need to be objective and appreciate the economic growth and stability that the country has realized as a result of outsourcing

Secondly, despite the existence of the caste system that was pegged on the one’s financial status (Gaurav, &, Ravallion M2002). Many Indians from the lower caste have gained both education and money and improved their economic statuses. Most of the previously poor Indians are now living better lives than those in the upper social classes thanks to these the white color jobs they do for the US corporations Therefore, while real life experiences of the outsourced work are marred with emotional and ideological division, the workers have a chance to implore their lifestyles.

Additionally it is important to note that India has a very large population and almost 20% of the population either work in textile, call center, IT and other outsourced jobs, not everyone can get employed because of the competition from other third world countries. Most of the outsourcing companies are searching for cheaper alternatives. This is why despite the employment in the white color industry; the country is still faced with high proportion of people living in abject poverty (Jeanette &, Chaney, 2008).

In conclusion, there will be more cultural shifts, westernized habits, and new work cultures, the caste system is increasingly becoming less of a problem as people are integrating and intermarrying across caste, the low caste people are getting education and jobs, the movement is upgrading slums, women are getting into corporate jobs and the culture are changing. Therefore, in the long run, India is set to register a positive shift economy and culture wise.


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Gaurav D, &, Ravallion M, (2002). Is India’s Economic Growth Leaving the Poor Behind? Volume 2846 of Policy research working papers World Bank e-Library. World Bank. Development Research Group. Poverty Team


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