Crash Investigation Program

Describe how a well administered crash investigation program can be utilized to help prevent future accidents

Well executed crash investigation program can be the most effective way to prevent future accidents because the program in such a way that the historical data is analyzed to determine the factors that contributed to the crash. For example, by analyzing the historical crashworthiness, and survivability, the administrators can determine the factors that may cause or knead to crashes. Aircraft accident and survivability data can also be analyzed to develop a well structured crash response program. For example, the administration can study the trend in crashes and the variables involved and determine how best to eliminate these variables that contrite to the crashes (Della-Giustina, 2012).

Secondly, by implementing a crash investigating program, data can be collected that be used to develop an optimized protocol to be followed by all the parties involved in flight maintenances. The company can educate the passengers and the pilots on the important of putting safety first. Thirdly, by investigating crashes, the management can work out the best approach to be taken in the event of crashed such as when and how to respond.

Additionally, through crash investigation program, the company can develop a manual procedures or guidelines that will be used to teach the pilots and the general public on the pitfalls involved. For example, in order to analyze the survivability, it is important to collect crash data that will be analyzed to calculate the G-forces, and conduct a kinematic evaluation of the crash

In conclusion, kinematic data can be applied to human tolerances, and determine the chances of survive an aircraft crash. Additionally, the investigation will involve investigating a plane crash from various perspectives. Hitherto, the investigation data can be used to developed program for training, and testing pilots and also detecting hazards.


Della-Giustina, D. (2012). Motor fleet safety and security management (2nd ed.). Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press


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