Compared Sowell and Schwalbe


Sowell and Schwalbe are among the psychologists who showed interest and wrote about the change and adaptation in a given culture. The philosophies of the two on the concept of can help in understanding the impact of the culture help us to access varied ideas and from which we learn the positive and the negative sides of the adaptation to a new culture (Rivers, 2014).

According to Sowell, there are cultures, which are more receptive to the technological change. These have great willingness to make good use of the new technology and soon enable people to adapt to it as if it existed before within that given culture. The United States, as an example, successfully adopted the British technology although they had a different original culture. Japanese also forged its route and made very quickly to the forefront within a very short time.

Schwalbe, on the other hand, affirms that it is very difficult for a given culture to be compatible with a new one. He argues that the members of a given society must have adapted to the existing patterns, which appear very natural in them having been in touch with them since birth to adulthood hence very difficult to accept a new one (Schwalbe, 2015).. He says the habits, which have existed for a long time in a given culture are instinctive and mean a lot to the human beings, the anthropology of modern life. He insists on the difficulty of the acceptance and adaptation of a new culture and gives an example of golf or baseball player who have natural swing although it took them many years to gain the ability (Rivers, 2014).

Sowell’s stance reveal that it is advantageous to accept and adapt to a change in culture due to the rapid development that the Americans and the Japanese achieved within a very short period of time. We are likely to draw disadvantages from change in culture considering Schwalbe’s work since it may take us a long period to adapt to a given culture after accepting to incorporate it (Scott, 2015)


In summary, Sowell’s idea is more convincing for which reason we are likely to embrace the acceptance of change of a new culture. A successful adaptation of a new culture could be a key to success just as for the Americans and the Japanese. Therefore, we should be willing to accept a change in culture by welcoming a new one since it has advantages.


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