Air pollution is one of the most important environmental concern today. This environmental issue was chosen because it is one of the most worrying environmental problems today. According to Forswall and Higgins, air pollution is the main causes of climate change or global warming as most of the non biodegradable materials are disposed on the environment. Air pollution is caused by the disposal or introduction of solid particles as well as dangerous gases in the air. Additionally, lpert, and Kischka argues that with the rapid industrial growth, air pollution is expected to be very high as the factories are driven by fossil fuels. Other sources of air pollution include car emission, dust from earth works, and chemical from factories and chemicals used in farm. In this paper, air pollution is presented as the biggest cause of climate change and global warming and a number of solution sought to control the same.

How do air pollution actual cause global warming leads to global warming and climate change. Air pollution leads to stratospheric ozone depletion. The ozone layer depletion is mainly attributed to the to poor urban air quality. As factories use fossil fuel, their produce carbon monoxide. The carbon monoxide is introduced into the air. While some are reabsorbed by plants, the excess gas is deposited in the ozone layer lead to ozone layer depletion.

Secondly air pollution kills both fauna and flora. According to lpert, and Kischka, with the poor air quality, both plant and animals are exposed to life threatening living condition. Human being can not survive without oxygen. Therefore, with the over production of carbon monoxide (34-39), plants cannot absorb all oxygen leading to the lot of carbon monoxide in the air. When gases, and fumes of harmful amount are in the air, people fall sick and treated and then fall sick again because of the poor air quality. Some of the most common diseases include cardiovascular diseases, cystic fibrosis, lung related diseases and infection including asthma, and cancer

Global warming is caused by heavy gasses, and air particles suspended in the air. When these gases and particulates cover the atmosphere, they trap heat around the earth leading an overall increase in temperature around the globe. This leads to the death of both plant and animals that cannot survive the harsh climatic conditions (Kasch, Crutzen, and Coleman 63).

The solution to the air pollution problem lies in legislation. Air pollution can only be stopped by developing strict pollution and regulation that dictate how companies and individual that fail to observe the Air Pollution Control Act of 1955. The act has since been amended in line with the recent environmental changes.


In conclusion, ozone layer, particulate matter, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulphur and lead are some of the criteria air pollutants. With the threat of global warming and death, it is important for all government to develop and implement ‘reengineering’ strategies that can reduce global warming. The ozone ;layer depletion has lead to sun’s/’ energy intensity. With the global warming gases in the atmosphere, animal quality of health declines leading to premature death. Therefore, air pollution shield be stopped because it does not only affect human being, built also plants and other animals. The most effective strategy to stop air pollution is through strict environmental regulation such as carbon debt and fossil fuel divestment


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