A. storage facility (warehouse) Building Project life cycle

1. Scoping phase (budget $10,000)

-Determining the amount of space required for the storage facility (warehouse)

-Determining the direction of the court due to sun’s direction throughout the days

-Excavation to level of the ground. Using cantilevered and the cost

-Material requirement planning, and sourcing

2. Construction phase (budget $20,000)

2.1 Formation.

-Excavation- 2 days

-Removing the black cotton soil (remove the topsoil to eliminate organic matter): 2 days

2.2 Foundation.

-Add the foundation layer (the sub-base) to overcome the ground to freeze

-Compacting the foundation layer using hardcore 50 mm below the surface.

2.3 Regulating base.

-Leveling course on top of the foundation layer to will help in providing additional stability for the surface

2.4 Wearing surface.

-The surface can be covered using Acrylic, Artificial grass and artificial clay, or carpet, or even, asphalt

-Building the walls- 2 days

-Roofing 2 days

-Installing warehousing equipment and inventory management system

3. Finishing phase (budget $1,000)

Signing off- commission the storage facility (warehouse) to the owners/clients

B. Required Competencies and skills- the project manager is charged with:

1). Overseeing and directing tennis court construction management.

2). Communicates directly with contractors/designers concerning project cost, staffing, and scheduling.

3). Prepares project status reports and works to ensure plans adhere to contract specifications.

4). Has a bachelor’s degree in engineering with 7 years of experience in the field.

5). Familiar with a variety of the field’s concepts, practices, and procedures. Relies on extensive experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals.

6). Can Performs a variety of tasks. Leads and directs the work of others.

7). A wide degree of creativity and latitude is expected. Typically reports to top management.

8). A tennis court concrete crew needs to be highly skilled and experienced.

9). Responsible for the day-to-day operations at the construction site and functions as the company’s chief site representative to the customer, local labor, subcontractors and vendors.

Pestle analysis

The project will be affected by a number of external factors. These include:

Political– these factors in clued the tax policies, political stability or instability, the political climate. These political factors may also affect the amount of tax, and the trading agreements under which the warehouse will operate

Economic– the warehouse will create jobs to the community. Most of the casual workers will come from the local community. On the other hand, the community me

Social-Cultural- the social cultural factors such as will it interfere with the county’s culture. Leicester Tennis Limited will not interfere with the community’s demographics, age distribution, population growth rates, level of education, distribution of wealth and social classes, living conditions and lifestyle.

Technological– what types of technology does the common intend to use. Will the technological changes affect Leicester Tennis Limited’s operations? Leicester Tennis Limited must have in place adequate cash to purchase and install new technologies to enable smooth operations

Legal– there is much regulation that affects the construction mf warehouses. They include warehouse size, climatic change, lumbering, and clearing of forest to conducts warehouses. The command must therefore ensure that the construction does not infringe the established laws, and licensing requirements, and OSHA standards.

Environmental- Environmental conservations are a very important factor that must be considered. Is the warehouse going to cause environmental degradation? Will Leicester Tennis Limited have to cut trees, will they have to dispose waste and litters everywhere. What plans doe Leicester Tennis Limited have in place to manage waste or conserve water?

SWOT Analysis


Leicester Tennis Limited has competent staff who can handle any form complex warehousing needs, and build the tennis courts.

Leicester Tennis Limited has adequate capital to expand its warehouse and building capacities with the demand.

Leicester Tennis Limited’s unique building technology has enabled them to handle all types tennis courts within deadlines

Leicester Tennis Limited believes that the customers see competence and efficiency in building the tennis courts.

Leicester Tennis Limited has cost advantage over its competitors due to advanced equipment and unique location


Leicester Tennis Limited does not have trucks that can be used to transport ware trod the storage facilities

Leicester Tennis Limited has had problems with the law for handling stolen goods, therefore, the Company will have to be very vigilant when it comes to material handling

Even through people may argue about the remoteness of the warehouse, the access roads are in excellent condition, and the machines for building the tennis courts can be transported within the shorted time possible.


New manufacturing companies are being constructed in the neighboring areas thereby creating more opportunities

The economy is improving and this translates into booming business. Leicester Tennis Limited will cash on the improving economic condition

Finally, demand for Leicester Tennis Limited services is increasing by the day


There is new government regulation for the warehouses that might affect Leicester Tennis Limited’s patios

Competitors are increasing in the market and many are from the developed countries with better machine and more experience in running similar businesses

The quality standards and specification are changing and this means that the command will have to invest in newer machines and equipments.

Finally, the changes in technology may affect Leicester Tennis Limited’s capital base as the exiting equipment will be left obsolete in the near future.

7s framework

Strategy: the techniques will help Leicester Tennis Limited to build its competitive advantage over its competitors. For example, the location will provide n added advantages to the customers because of increased efficiency. The machine and requirement as well as the personnel, will also help improve the overall service delivery

Structure: a flat organization structure does not only make decision making faster, but also help improve the relationship amongst the employees and between eh employees and the customers. Customer needs to be able to talk the senior manager without much bureaucracy. The porting structure is blurred making it easy for staff to communicate with any other staff member of management without red tape

Systems: while most of the activities will be automated, Leicester Tennis Limited has ensured that there are adequate equipment and machines to help improve efficiency and uniformity. Leicester Tennis Limited will also source for latest machines that can help improve efficiency such as the ERP or the material management systems

Shared Values: throughout the organization, shared goals and values are explicitly stated. The corporate culture is well defined to deliver value to the customers. Leicester Tennis Limited will always aim to add value to the customer through lower process, faster turnaround, and service quality.

Style: in this organization, the main form of leadership is the transformative leadership characterized by Idealized Influence Inspirational Motivation, Individualized Consideration and intellectual Stimulation

Staff: Leicester Tennis Limited has both permanent and temporary staff, Leicester Tennis Limited has 100 permanent staff : 1 General Manager, 2 Business Development Managers, and an Administration Team with 5 members. and 10 temporary staff who is employed based on demand

Skills: Leicester Tennis Limited prides itself in employing competent employees, Leicester Tennis Limited constantly believes that competence is equal to earning that is why only qualified stand are employed, the job description are very clear for each staff. Only the casual laborers are employed based on demand.


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