Rocket Internet: Is There A Method To Its Madness Or Is It Just Bad For Innovation

Rocket Internet can gun for an IPO and raise public funds to build up the winners within their portfolio.


Editor’s note:Bernard Leong is co-founder of SGE, an online portal dedicated to entrepreneurship in Southeast Asia, and This Week in Asia, a podcast dedicated to tech news in Asia. Follow him at or on Twitter: @bleongcw.

A few months ago, I made a point that winter has landed in Southeast Asia with the fast and furious expansion of Rocket Internet, the Germany-based company started by the infamous Samwer brothers — Mac, Oliver, and Alexander. I concluded that, while the company may be bad for innovation, it has demonstrated good examples of execution and speed to the rest of the technology ecosystem within the region. While monitoring Rocket’s revolving door of executives, employees complaining about their ways, and startups — like Home24 — that shut down within a short period of time, I began to wonder: “Is it going to work or fall apart?”

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