Strategic profile =Micro environment


Own notes:

  • not a commercial office
  • If you are personal member you did not get any benefits good idea to make
  • Partners get more business partners/customers it is purpose
  • Goal to develop region as a tourist destination
  • How do you measure : danish statistics, accommodation, they are measuring the numbers
  • Do you have goals about attractions, restaurants – for example shops in Viborg but not really
  • The purpose is to to attract as international as domestic tourists
  • How you measure success : they are looking to focus at – websites visits
  • They think it is not important how many tourists coming, the more important who will stay in the accommodation, eat at restaurant, don’t have small focus on business tourists
  • How they finance: big money bag from municipality, they agreement what they have to do
  • Who decide what they should do : the same group every year from local department, local business and politicians
  • They have their own booking system- little money
  • 4 full time employees – approximately 25 hours
  • They have problem with money, lack of employees – suggestion to hire two new full time employees
  • Visit Viborg should use all their money otherwise municipality cut down the budget for next year
  • People are from municipality – own them
  • Improve, develop and marketing local business.
  • Budget for activities – annual general meeting
  • Are your members satisfied – a lot of partners small – difficult to activate them – so if the member no longer continue to pay annual fee next year they are deleting the member from website as well
  • Some business concentrate just on their own business, other elaborate and participating in general meeting
  • Are their any difference between small and big partners : no they are getting the same space advertising on the website
  • Main attraction – Viborg Cathedral
  • Germany, Norway and Holland – these markets
  • German visitors are going down
  • Denmark biggest market

Strategy plan:

  • Very known region in Denmark
  • Get success from Randers rain forest – collaborate with other close regions
  • History, in the middle history kings come here to be crown here, pure nature etc. – the question what unique do you have
  • Cycling holidays
  • Good idea to make national park
  • Distribution system – spread out in and out Denmark
  • Infrastructure – mostly by car, train and bus
  • Planning to move all tourist information to internet, close tourism informationoffice combine with Viborg museum
  • Ideas come from municipality
  • Competitors – Close regions for example Silkeborg
  • Special products – snaps
  • Main target group empty nesters
  • Duration of the trip – mostly one day trip, overnight stay – bed and breakfast they don’t know exactly the numbers
  • Business developers – developing up

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