Main Topic:- You have been asked by the University to research the provision of sports facilities on campus. This is part of a wider initiative by the university looking at expansion and the improvement of service provision.

This is a 3000 words research proposal which is in 3 parts. Below is part 1 which should be approximately about 300-words.

Part 1a: Write a clear, focused, “complex and arguable” research question that relates to MBA –  “Human Resource Management /Management theory(theories) based on the main topic (of expanding and improving sports facilities on campus at a university.

Part 1b: List the accompanying research objectives.

Part 1c: Present a brief explanation of why you have chosen this question and how the research objectives will help operationalise your research


How can Kingdom University leverage strategic human resource management and diversity to improve the sports facility management?

Research aims and objectives

The aim of this study is to determine How Kingdom University can leverage strategic human resource management and diversity to more the sports facility management. On the other hand, the research objectives will-

Determine the main pillars of strategic human resources management that can influence the improvement of sports facilities

Analyze how diversity in the school’s sports facility management is and determine the role of diversity in provision of sports facility, services quality, and operational excellence

Top analyze the current human resources constraints impacting the provision of sports facilities

To make recommendation for the management on improving the provision of sports facilities in the university

To make recommendation for future research on place strategic human resources management and diversity in sports facility management

The brief explanation

According to Patel, Messersmith, & Lepak, (2013), strategic human resources management lack solid theoretical foundation and may not be effective in the real world scenario. However, Delery & Doty, (1996) argues that strategic human resource management  has adopted three major modes of theorizing universalistic, contingency, and configurationally perspectives. In this regards to these arguments, this paper seeks to determine if the sports facility management can leverage strategic human resources management to ensure functional excellence within the departments and maximize the overall human resource. According to Jensen, Patel, & Messersmith, (2013), human resources effectiveness can only be validated by designing human resource practices geared at meeting specific objectives. While the school’s sports facility management is working optimally, it is quite clear that the school can use its human resources function to provide the department with sustained competitive edge and improve the overall department’s performance. Therefore, in order to solidify the departments human resource’s effectiveness, practices such as strategic human resources management, and the concept of diversity must be considered as pertinent to the department success. This paper therefore seeks to analyze whether strategic human resources management and diversity can help improve the provision of schools sports facility the university. The research objectives will help in researching the research objectives in the context of two boaster variables- SHRM, and diversity.

Selected references

Jensen, J. M., Patel, P. C., & Messersmith, J. G. (2013). High-Performance Work Systems and      Job Control: Consequences for Anxiety, Role Overload, and Turnover Intentions.Journal          of Management, 39(6), 1699-1724. doi: 10.1177/0149206311419663

Patel, P. C., Messersmith, J. G., & Lepak, D. P. (2013). Walking the Tightrope: An Assessment    of the Relationship between High-Performance Work Systems and Organizational        Ambidexterity. Academy of Management Journal, 56(5), 1420-1442. doi:          10.5465/amj.2011.0255

Delery, J. E., & Doty, D. H. (1996). Modes Of Theorizing In Strategic Human Resource   Management: Tests Of Universalistic, Contingency, And Configurations. Performance       Predictions. Academy of Management Journal, 39(4), 802-835. doi: 10.2307/256713


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