Gupta garments,

Upon returning to Gupta garments, amity should   conduct market research, and communicate with the customer base. Then he should consider teaming up with to Anil in order to discuss how to develop a marketing strategy. He is now learned and should focus on how to use his knowledge to drive growth and revenue. He should work with anil to develop a team that can champion the company’s success. He should also seek out the key management such as the chair, and the chief marketing and sales officer. Amit should be careful not to use cause conflict in the company because not all people within the company will agree with his managerial style. He should be careful not to disagree with anil and the top management, Gupta as well as Sumit for the first 100 days

The main relationship he should develop further is his relationship with Anil as Anil’s continued support can be important until he can shows his talent. Additionally, he must form a working relationship with Karan since he is the potential successor by current title and ownership. Finally, he must form a working relationship with Vidya because she currently owns 30% of the business and will likely support his recommended changes when time comes.  Amit’s power base is Anil because he is the chair, the family leader as well as market and sales manager. He makes most of the decisions in the family and in the business so he can be influential in the company. Amit also need to engage the non-family members to avoid resistance to change

Amit can improve his overall chances of success by adopting a conservative approach by ensuring that he practices caution lest his capability be questioned in the event of the company’s failure. Amit must improve and maintain working relationship within the company. He should also promote clear communication of the business ideas amongst the family member. He should organize advisory teams comprising of both family and non-family members. He should also develop a succession plan. Finally, he should utilize his marketing research and analysis skills to address the key growth opportunities and develop strategies that can be used to successfully drive growth and revenue in the market


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