Assignment — Essay #3 – EVALUATION

Mar 12       Topic & 3-4 Criteria for Essay #3

Mar 16       Thesis & Reasons/Support/Readers (see p. 332)

Mar 18    Rough Draft #3

Mar 23    Final Draft Essay #3 – submitted to (through Bb)


In this Essay, you will continue to build your argument skills, as well as begin to incorporate an outside voice into your work. From the options listed below, you will write an Evaluation—a critical review.

Note that this is far from merely stating your opinion about the subject. You will have an opinion, but your job is to persuade your reader that, even if they disagree, your opinion is reasonable and worthy of consideration. This means you must write a well-structured, well-defended argument.


As with all of our formal Essays, this one should have:

  • An introductory paragraph that both hooks the reader and explains the Essay’s focus;
  • A clear, specific, argumentative thesis statement;
  • Clear PEE structure for each paragraph; and
  • A conclusion that comments on the significance of the thesis and what you have discussed.

As we discussed in class, your Evaluation must:

  1. Establish criteria readers will find reasonable;
  2. Evaluate the item according to those criteria; and
  3. Conclude whether or not the item is worthy.

For each piece of this, you should be explaining your reasoning—why these criteria are the best; why your evaluation makes sense; and why your ultimate judgment is sound. Don’t ever assume the reader will simply see things the way you do.

If applicable, include rebuttals, concessions, and qualifiers. They show you have considered multiple viewpoints, including those that go against you.

Finally, you must include at least one outside source. This can be anything—a professional critic, an academic text, a review from a website. Integrate the source into your work and cite it according to MLA standards.

The Essay should be typed, 1.5 spacing, Times New Roman, 12 pt font, around 1000 words.


Whatever option you choose, it is best to select something you feel strongly about, whether it is pro or con. It’s tough to throw ourselves into something we just feel ho-hum over. That said, remember that your readers may feel differently than you, so use logical reasoning (not bubbling emotion) to persuade them.

  • A product you are considering buying. Ideally, for whatever reason, this should be a difficult decision—not toothpaste or shampoo.
  • Something from popular media: book, video game, movie, CD, TV show, etc. NOTE that if you are doing something that is a series, like Twilight or Breaking Bad, it’s best to focus on a single book/movie/episode. Otherwise, the subject matter is too large for the scope of this paper.
  • A restaurant, store, club, etc. Again, if a chain, pick a single location.

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