Include a sample lesson plan showing the parents how you would accommodate a student with disabilities. The plan should include goals/objectives, activities, strategies, accommodations/modifications, and assessment. Include a brief description of a hypothetical student and include information such as student’s age, strengths and weaknesses, and grade.


It is extremely important for institutions to make sure that student with disabilities are treated and assisted with utmost care. They need to be educated in such a manner that their self respect and worth is always upheld. It is with regards to this fact that this report outlines the importance of providing appropriate assistance to student with disabilities. The report will describe the strategies that are directed towards accommodating students with disabilities. Alongside that the accommodation plan for such students will also be explained.

John Smith is an 11 years old student from New York who currently suffers from learning disabilities. He finds it extremely difficult to organize and integrate his ideas and thoughts which have affected his writing skills in the school. Even after suffering from such disabilities, John has established himself as an exceptional painter which has earned him several awards and recognitions all over the world.


  • To accommodate student with disabilities and ensure that their requirements are being looked after appropriately.
  • To avert and eliminate any barrier that hinder students with disabilities from participating in educational setting.


Students who endure disabilities need to be educated in a method that upholds their self-respect. A person’s self-respect encompasses one’s self-worth and dignity. It is the duty of an education service provider to design activities in such a way that it facilitates psychological and physical empowerment and integrity. Accommodation service providers for disabled students should therefore respect the dignity of students and assist them in every possible manner.


            As an accommodation service provider for disabled students, it is our duty to attend to the needs of each and every student with utmost care. Emphasis will always be given on the individual student and not on the type of disability. The best way to respect the dignity of students with disability is to provide specialized services thereby encouraging them to actively participate in each and every activity organized within the organization. Promoting inclusive designs among the students is also amongst the top priority of our institution (OHRC, 2014).


Assignment and classroom accommodations

  • To assist student in identifying peers who are willing to take notes on behalf of him/her.
  • To permit students to record classroom lectures.
  • To allow extra time to take notes and complete classroom assignments.
  • To assist students in proofreading their own work.

Examination accommodation

  • To allow extra time for finishing exams.
  • To set up separate exam rooms (with no disturbances) for students with disabilities.
  • To provide flexibility to appear for oral exams instead of written.
  • To allow the use of calculator.
  • To allow the use of grammar and spelling check devices (University of Washington, 2014).


            Weekly assessment will be conducted for students via one to one meeting held in the institution. This will help us to monitor the improvements of the students and identify the areas where we need to pay more attention.


Students like John have special capabilities which have to be nurtured with utmost care so that they spread flying colors to the lives of students like him. They are no different from students who have no disabilities and therefore they should be treated in an equal manner. They should be made to feel normal and should be encouraged to make full participation in events that are designed from them. In that way their self respect and self worth can be upheld. Encouraging them to make active participation will make them feel strong and close to the world where people live without any disabilities.

OHRC. (2014). Accommodating students with disabilities – Principles (fact sheet). Retrieved from

University of Washington. (2014). Academic Accommodations for Students with Learning Disabilities. Retrieved from


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