I-Search Project for American Values and Assumptions

While in general the author’s points are true, we need to be careful not to accept these values as true for everyone. Since readings are written from an author’s perspective, it is a good idea to evaluate his/her ideas for yourself. I want you to choose 1 or 2 of the American Values and do a mini-research, or I-Search, project to verify (make sure is true) what the author is saying. This will give you a chance to either talk to Americans or observe American Culture as it is shown through media. Your assignment is to choose 1 (or 2) values and either: a) Find an example in the media (tv show, movie, song, poem, story, piece of art, blog, etc) that you think either reflects or refutes the value(s) you have chosen. OR b) Create a series of survey questions to ask 4-6 Americans about whether they agree or disagree with the author’s ideas about your chosen value(s). Conduct your survey, tally (count) the results and then present your findings to the class. OR c) Create a long interview discussing whether or not an American agrees with the author’s ideas about your chosen value(s). Your interview questions must ask for concrete examples to support why your interviewee agrees or disagrees with the author. Paper Write a 1 ½ to 2 page paper about what you have discovered. Your first paragraph must summarize the value and include a thesis statement (your opinion on the accuracy of this value). Your following paragraphs can be organized however you would like! Submit this paper on Blackboard before class on June 23rd. Presentation Be prepared to share your results with your classmates on Monday, 6/23. Bring with you a copy of your paper, questions, etc to discuss.


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