Early Chinese Thought

Early Chinese Thought  
Need to answer following question. 3-5 sentences, but thoughtfully and correctly, please.
1.    In the Analects 4:10, Confucius states that “The superior person in the world is not for anything or against anything; he follows what is right.” What does that mean, in the context of the other things Confucius teaches?
1.    What could Confucius offer for justifying his reply to the Duke of She in Analects 13:18?
1.    According to Mencius, what are the things that people have in common that allow each person to become virtuous?
1.    What, in summary form, is Xunzi’s argument against Mencius’s claim that human nature is good?
1.    In Ban Zhao’s lessons for her daughters, and women in general, she distinguishes a set of women’s virtues from those of men. Do these virtues seem to reinforce secondary status of women in a Confucian society or to elevate their status? Explain.


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