Setting Promotional Goals in Marketing

Dr Brian's SmartaMarketing Blog Number 1

You cannot accomplish everything with your Promotion (advertising; sales promotion; personal selling; marketing PR)  Knowing the main goals of Promotion will help you understand and decide which is most important.

Creating awareness – and preference

Every year many firms go out of business simply because their target segment (customers) never hears about them or what they have to offer.  Product awareness also plays a major role in distribution strategy.

Wholesalers, for example, are unwilling to stock products that are unknown to consumers and retailers.  Supermarket chains generally refuse to stock a new product unless the producer backs it with a big promotion budget.  According to one expert, approximately 90 percent of new products are withdrawn from the market within two to three years.  “In most cases, failures were the result of a lack of product recognition.

Providing information

Many promotion activities are undertaken to provide information.

Consumers and organisational buyers…

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