Researched Argument


As discussed in class, an argument is much more than a chance to prove to others that they should adopt my point of view on an issue or my solution to a problem. Instead, an argument is my opportunity to accurately and persuasively explain my position so that others will recognize its credibility and significance. A researched argument, in particular, is my chance to show that my opinion is based on an in-depth understanding of the complexity of the issue and a thorough analysis of other people’s ideas.

To strengthen my argument I have been developing the critical thinking skills and relying on the academic research strategies that will help my argument stand against critical analysis from other academics. However, having good ideas and convincing evidence is only two-thirds of having a credible and persuasive argument. All that critical thinking and thorough researching can get lost when I don’t make the same effort to express my ideas in academic writing. For this reason, I have spent a lot of time drafting and revising my final argument to make sure that it avoids misunderstanding and persuasively addresses an academic audience.


Write a 10-12 page argument that defends my position on a current issue that is being discussed as part of an academic conversation.

Include a title-page, an abstract-page, and a references page with my argument (total pages being submitted: 13-15).

My researched argument will be written according to Standard American English (SAE) grammar and spelling conventions, formatted according to APA style guidelines, and intended for an academic audience including other students and professors at Utah Valley University.

Before submitting my researched argument, I will review the rubric below which the instructor will be using to assess my researched argument.



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