In this assignment, we want you to take an active role in communicating with your elected representatives

 Pick a Topic: Decide on a CURRENT (no more than 2 month old) political issue in the news that you care about and that relates to this class.

Anything you care about – state budge, health care, war in Afghanistan, environment, etc.

Read the newspaper and/or pay attention to the news for a few days to figure out what is current and important.

Pick an article from or . If you can address a specific bill that is being discussed in Congress, your letter can have real impact.

 What’s your message: Figure out what you want to say and how you want to say it, and draft a letter to your

Congressional Representative, Senator, or State Senator.

 Make sure your letter addresses the right person – California issues to California representatives, national issues

to members of Congress!

 Your letter should be short and to the point. Shoot for around 200 words.

 Once your first draft is finished, show it to someone else and have them provide written edits. Then re-write.

Make copies of your original, the draft with your friend ‘s comments, and your final draft.




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