Personal Statement & Goals

As a motivated and a driven student, my dream is to become a physician and I am willing to dedicate all my time to make this dream a reality. I believe that I can achieve my professional goals by transferring to University of San Diego. I believe that USD has a great spiritual and academic environment that has a lot to offer in the medical and science fields. I believe for me to achieve my goals, USD would be a great fit. I have been looking forward to be able to attend USD, in order to give myself an opportunity to be a part of a diverse academic and spiritual environment that has remained true to their original values.I do not call myself a victim, but it seems like life has thrown tremendous hurdles at me in the last couple of years. In the last two years,I have gone through a couple of heart-breaking events in my life.It started with my father passing away due to a liver disease when I was eighteen. A year after that I was diagnosed and started suffering from an autoimmune disease called ulcerative colitis.
Throughout the past couple of years I have been challenged both mentally and physically but never lost faith. I feel like all these experiences have made me realize that life could get hard at times but we cannot stop living, and we need to continue having a productive life. I feel like these adverse events have made me a stronger person both mentally and physically. Experiencing these traumatic family and personal health crisis sparked a desire in me to become interested in entering the medical field, in which I would have the chance to understand our body’s functions and gain a professional knowledge of different diseases. I believe that biochemistry is a good starting point in becoming a physician since it deals with the chemical compounds and processes occurring in living organisms. I find this subject so fascinating since it shows us how incredible the human body is and how each cell inside our body has a role to play in our well-being.
I want to learn and understand how diseases affect the humans body, and how we can prevent them from happening. I hope to become a part of the welcoming environment that the USD provides because of its academics and team working culture among its students. By being accepted to USD, I would look forward to working along side the other students so that I can learn not only from the professors but also from my fellow peers. I believe that working together as a group with the same goals is a great way to learn since it gives us a chance to hear different opinions and ideas. Attending USD would be the first step towards my goal of becoming a physician and would help me to start my future career in an academic, spiritual, and welcoming environment, where I can focus on my education and attend the school activities.

I believe that University of San Diego has an outstanding science program that provides superior skills in research and medical fields. USD has also made major achievements, such as, being ranked first in undergraduate participation and being the second school for best campus environment. Another reason for my interest in USD is the smaller size of classes compared to other universities. This allows students to learn and communicate more with each other and their professors. In addition, I feel that a religious and academic-based environment that USD provides makes it a professional atmosphere where students are not there to live the college party life, but are focused on becoming the best that they can be in the professional world. As a bonus USD is close to where my family lives, which allows me to visit them more often.
I am currently attending MiraCosta community college, which is close to my house where my family lives. Because of the financial reasons and logistics of getting to school,I decided to start with a community college to complete the general education classes. Now that I have gotten most of these courses out of the way and I know what my career interest is, I would like to attend the best school that will allow me to reach my goal of becoming a physician. After researching many schools in California and out of state and learning about their reputation, culture, and their medical field expertize,I have decided that USD is the right school for me.I hope that I will be accepted to USD so that I can be able to reach my career goal of becoming a gastroenterologist.


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