Strategic Management analysis of Woolworth Supermarket

3.1 Vision

Woolworths’ vision is “to deliver to customers the right shopping experience each and every time”. In line with its vision, the company has been researching on how to improve its customers’ experience. For example, the company introduced the online shopping experience. For example, customers can just click-then-collect’ their goods at the convenience of their homes using their smart gadget including android phones, tablets and iOS. The customers also have a number of alternatives to receiving their goods because they can have them delivered, or collect the good themselves from the stores. Part from its in store services which include in store butchery, home delivery services, flexible payment options and reusable packaging bags, the company also offers the standard Woolworths fuel card. over the month of October and September, the company launched its liquor receipt company for BWS and Woolworths. Coupled with the Woolworths App, customers experience can never be better and all these are implemented just to help the company to realize its strategic objective to enable it drive growth and profit

While the company has this, the company is also amongst the most stocked supermarket in the country because it has different suppliers from different regions around the world that supply products on demand thereby increasing customers’ convenience. Concerning the vision statement, the company has been leveraging its products portfolio to maximize profit and maintain the market leadership position. Additionally, the company has also continuously, penetrated the market by delivering the lowest prices in the retail and wholesale sectors in the country. However, it is also important to note that despite its dismal performance in the previous fiscal year, the company second quarter reports have been appealing as the pre-tax profit was in excess of 2 million and this is an indication that the company will maximize its shareholder’s wealth this fiscal year.

3.2 Mission

The company’s mission statement is “We, as passionate committed retailers, understand and lead our customers through excellence and a deep knowledge of our products and services and the world we live in.” the company has clearly articulated its mission and how it plans to achieve its mission. For example, the company argues that it will leverage quality, value, services, innovation, integrity, energy and sustainability to realize its mission as outlined in the mission statements. The company’s commitment to it mission has seen it innovate more often b investing in research and development (R&D) and funding Queensland University of Technology (QUT), and employing Professor Recker as Chair of Retail Innovation, to lead the company’s research in developing new ways of identifying innovation potential in retail. The company also has virtual shipping system, with apps that enable customers ‘click-then-collect’ services.

The company also sources and delivers only high quality products that they can vouch for in case of problems. The company also practices integrity by enduring that it keeps promises and delivers on value proposition and this is why, it did not hesitate to carry out a product recall despite losing millions. for sustainability, the company has strategies for a number of issues facing the environment that has saw it reduce its Carbon emissions and climate change by 40%, water wastage by 60%, packaging waste disposal 50%, and enabled waste recycling 40%. The company’s ethical sourcing strategy and animal welfare strategies are also contributing towards the company’s sustainability. Currently the company is focusing on GMOs, and sustainable seafood in which it is already registering success.

3.3 Strategic objectives

3.3.1 Ethics position

The company’s Ethics position is its commitment to upholding human rights, fair working conditions. The company’s commitment to ethics is premised upon the realized significant relationship between the ethics, and sustainability, and the relationship between ethics and profitability. The company is committed to its ethical practices which include Environment Compliance, Sub-Contracting and Home Working, Entitlement to Work and Immigration, Harsh or Inhumane Treatment, Regular Employment, Discrimination, Working Hours Living Wages and benefits, Child Labor, Working Conditions, Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected, Labor Rights, and Bribery and Corruption.

Woolworth is determined to be the leading ethical company in the larger Australia region. For example, the company started with ethical sourcing to ensure that producers who adhere to food preparation policies strictly supply all products. For example, the company’s ethical sourcing policy outlines the requirement that must be met by suppliers before they are contracted to supply products. For example, the companies must comply with the fair working conditions, environmental protection and must structure their processes in a manner that upholds human rights. While the company is not just interested in meeting the formalities, the company adheres to its policy and ensure that they send an officer to the supplier’s premises to ascertain their production and supply processes and environmental protection. The company policy covers over 13 areas that it is specifically interested. To ascertain this, the management has extended its coverage of audited facilities and compliance monitoring processes to include all the standards. Due to the importance of the matter, the company is committed to ensuring that all the suppliers comply with the policy and does not hesitate to terminate the trading agreement between the company and its suppliers. Therefore, the company analyses the supplier’s premises and delivery process form continuous improvement without which they terminate the supplying contract.

Respect for WELLBEING

( Health and welfare)


(Freedom and choice)



People In The Food Industry Income and working condition Freedom of choice Fair trade laws, and practices
Citizens Food safety and quality of life Democratic, and informed choice Availability of affordable, fresh food
Farm Animals Animal welfare Behavioral freedom Intrinsic value
The Living Environment Conservation Maintenance of biodiversity Sustainability








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