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Yes, I agree with this argument because all actions have externalities and the consequences may not be desirable to us. For example, if one is caught, the consequences may not be desirable including loss ofjob, and possible jail term. In all honesty, it is important to stick to the legal and ethical course of action at all times. The ethical decision making framework should be our guides whenever faced with an ethical dilemma


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Nice post! It is important to add that change and innovation go together, all those organizations that do not know how to manage change and innovation ended up being bankrupt. Blockbuster should have adapted to the changes in then business environment. They had a strong brand, what rhea needed was to embrace technology. In as much as they still have affected, it is hard to make any major turnaround within the short time. Technology is here to stay, therefore, the faster an organization can embrace technology and leverage it to their advantage, the more sustainable a business can be. Technology required complete overhaul of the traditional bines model and infusing technology.

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I do not agree with you on this one, while culture is good to manage, organizational culture need to be re-evaluated in line with the changing business environment. Considering the volatile, rapid and discontinuous changes, culture requires periodic valuation as old culture may impede organizational development and growth

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I agree with you in this. All team members are integral to their teams. What matters is how best the team can leverage team members’ efforts and that is why all team members are important to a team. On the other hand, groups do not consider each other as important as they only reach out tom the wiling. Therefore, being in a groups does not mean being in a team because team are effective and have team chemistry, while groups do not have unity of direction.

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I partly agree with this, but I also disagree with this because in business, there is some decision that people do not make because of the known drawbacks. In as much as I agree that we should think outside the box, it is quite clear that some business ideas are bound to fail, therefore, we should analyse the situation thoroughly before making decision whether people like it or not. Thinking outside the box is a cliché because nobody seems to think outside the box nowadays, people just make decision. UN less, you are really going to think outside the box, then do it, but carefully.


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