Planning a Practitioner Research Project

Assignment Proposal Form

To provide us with a sufficiently clear understanding of your proposed assignment, and to confirm that you have thought through a number of key issues and consulted other sources where necessary, please write something in all of the following sections. (You can expand the boxes!)

  • Topic and proposed title if you have one already:
Purpose of  teaching aid technology  within our school
  1. What is the problem, issue or question that you are seeking to address?
The facilities in our school are sophisticated in comparison to majority of schools in Thailand. In fact, they form the basis of the schools marketing strategy. In every classroom, there is a computer and a projector with internet network. I intend to find how best the facilities are consumed. Do the teachers still use chalkboards as means of teaching or have they replaced them with high tech version of rote learning and encouraging the students to use power point as a tool .
  1.  What  is the value of addressing this problem/issue or question?(Of what value is the result of my  work  to people, and who  are they)?
The expenditure incurred in installing these features by the school is quite a lot and its imperative to conduct investigations. In addition, the educations of the students are of great importance. Is technology used properly to achieve the desired end in our classrooms? What benefits do the students derive from their inclusion in the learning curricula? Its my understanding colleagues will be curious to know my discovery as it may need some people to inspect their practice and methodology. In addition, it will draw attention to the area of strength and so that good practice can be shared. The  management of the school will focus on planning for future training events and serve as a guide  for proposing future investments  in technology.
  1. How do you propose to address your stated problem / issue / question? (e.g. critical review of literature? Small-scale research study [if so, state proposed methods of data production]?)
First, i will review the literature so that i can have a better understanding the theoretical perspectives and consequences for introducing and utilising technology within classroom. I will try to discover the best manner that technology can be tapped to enhance learning. I will then develop a questionnaire for the teachers to find out , what  they use ICT  for and how succefully they think it blends in their  teaching curricula. A different questionnaire is to be given to the student to find out their believe on this matter. To increase the genuineness f the survey  I will conduct a couple of interviews with a small sample of this group
  1. What ‘story’ do you think you may be able to tell?
I’m willing to consider new ideas. I don’t intend to start a research process with a formed opinion over any issue. It is my believe that many teachers employ PowerPoint as a tool to enhance rote learning. Some teachers show clips on you –tube what is not important as concerns the curriculum.Im not persuaded to believe there is enough student centred learning process in existence at the present concerning computer lessons. Some teachers are incapable of tapping into the real power of technology in the classrooms as we are not fully informed of the available options, and we would appreciate some form training. The student’s opinion is of great importance as concerns this matter. There is possibility that they are well informed technology wise than majority of their teachers and their input will  be vital in defining the direction the school  will take from this point.
  1. What literature have you consulted and do you plan to use in conducting the work? (Please give full bibliographic references of what at this stage you consider to be the most relevant sources)
  1. My  literature of choice is ………….., this literature is very rich on pedagogy, especially on the use of technology in teaching mathematics. However, this study is not complete without revisiting the academic literature and journals on naction research and the use of technology to deliver course contents. Proper research nis the forte of action research in the academia

Trilling, B. and Hood, P. (2001) Learning, Technology, and Education Reform in the Knowledge Age or ‘We’re Wired, Webbed, and Windowed, Now What? In Paechter, C., Edwards, R. Harrison, R. and Twining, P. (Eds.) Learning, Space and Identity. London: Paul Chapman Publishing Ltd.

  1. What ethical issues may arise in relation to your proposed assignment and how do you plan to deal with these?
It is likely that most of the students will name the teachers whom they feel do not know how to effectively use technology to teach mathematics. On the other hand, the teachers may also victimise the students who make adverse reports about them. To address this issues, no student will be allowed to write their names on the questionnaires, additionally, the questionnaires will be distributed to the students by their fellow students

What is the relevance of your proposed assignment to your own professional context and/or to the subject of educational leadership?

For quite some time i have I been trying to investigate whether the school is optimally using the technology available in the school and whether the students like liked the way we as teachers were using the technology. It is therefore important to conduct this research it helps us to determine the perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, and user acceptance of information technology. I kept on asking myself, are we improving the general experience of the students? This research will serve as a pointer to the math’s teachers especially those who teach students from diverse backgrounds

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