Why eBay Failed in China?

Why eBay Failed in China?

Bamboo Innovator

Why eBay Failed in China?

2013-09-18 16:59:46

Jiansuo Wang,Famous IT critic,columnist and English Blogger,CEO of Baixing.com(eBay)

Let me give you some background information. Almost all US Internet companies failed in China in the last 10 years. Yahoo! entered China by acquiring 3721.com (some argued it was a keyword based search engine that dominated the space before Baidu.com came out), and turned it into nothing, before Yahoo! China was sold to Alibaba. eBay acquired EachNet.com, the largest C2C website, and spent few hundred million dollars on marketing, and successfully turned its market share from 90+% to less than 10%, and then sold it to Tom Online. Google entered China and with years’ of efforts only to turn its market share from 30% to 10%, and claimed to move China site to Hong Kong. Who else? Here is the question: Why eBay failed in China? Why Yahoo! failed in China, and why almost…

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