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About Interaction

The field of Interaction Design is relatively new compared to other well-established fields like maths or physics. Although quantitative research in the field has made it more science-like, we can hardly say it is pure science. Experiments in science should be reproducible and theorems in science can be strictly proved, but this is hardly realised in user research.

IxD – An unmatured field

Another manifestation of an new or un-matured field is that people use different terms to refer to the same thing.  In the field of interaction design, people actually speak different dialects of jargons. For example, some people describe what they do as “Interaction Design”, some as “Human Computer Interaction”, some may simple say “User Interface Design”.  Well, the last one might be a little bit out of date, since User Interface Design traditionally refer to graphical design.  For HCI and IxD, I would say both are interdisciplinary, are umbrella terms and both mean that we design interactive…

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